ASCENT Wood - Red

Mid Launch / Mid-Low Spin

ASCENT™ Red helps you raise your launch angle while controlling spin and face deflection for higher ball flight with long descent and roll out. Golfers looking to improve flight apex often turn to added loft or a more active shaft, yet both can lead to more spin and bigger misses. ASCENT™ models counter this with an integrated Impact Stabilization Zone. This unique enhancement – created by pairing a strategically-placed section of increased stiffness with a focused area of heavier, tungsten-infused prepreg – preserves the shaft’s lively feel and higher launch angle while maintaining stability and maximum energy transfer at impact. You get a more active profile, more kick, and higher ball speed while still getting the accurate, penetrating flight needed for maximize distance.

  • Specifications
    Shaft NameFlexLength (in)Weight (g)Tip O.D. (in)Tip Length (in)Butt O.D. (in)Torque (degrees)Kick Pt.
    ASCENT™ 40R246470.3353.00.5967.4MID
    ASCENT™ 40R46480.3353.00.6007.1MID
    ASCENT™ 40S46520.3353.00.6046.9MID
    ASCENT™ 50R46540.3353.00.6005.7MID
    ASCENT™ 50S46580.3353.00.6045.5MID
    ASCENT™ 50X46610.3353.00.6065.4MID
    ASCENT™ 60S46650.3353.00.6124.9MID
    ASCENT™ 60X46680.3353.00.6144.8MID
    ASCENT™ 60TX46690.3353.00.6164.7MID
    ASCENT™ 70S46740.3353.00.6063.8MID
    ASCENT™ 70X46760.3353.00.6103.7MID
    ASCENT™ 70TX46780.3353.00.6143.6MID
    ASCENT™ 80TX46870.3353.00.6142.9MID
  • Fitting
    Driver Speed (mph)/Driver Carry (yds)<80/<21081-90/210-23091-105/241-259>106/>260
    ASCENT™ 40R2RS
    ASCENT™ 80TX
  • Tip Trimming Information
    Driver 3 Wood5 Wood7 Wood9 Wood